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You will notice from the comments below that Cat Attack is enjoyed by a wide variety of people of all ages. The game can be played as a harmless frolic with the birds and mice and a few trips to the shops thrown in or at the other extreme, as a game of intense strategy with, perhaps, massive attitude (true cat behaviour).

Please note that these comments date from 2000, when the game was launched.

Just a note to say how much we enjoy playing Cat Attack! Our lockdown favourite by far. It’s great for adults and children. Many thanks.            Antonia

“My boyfriend bought "cat attack" in Essen, Germany on "Spiel 07" for me. I love it so much, it seems like it's made for me. A really cool game!'            Judith


"We're still playing last years Christmas success, please may we order another one for friends?"            Helen McLaren


“The adults (all cat lovers) really like it, but the 11 year old adores it. Her Mom says she has to play it all the time with her daughter.”


“Cat-tastic game…. a Feline fun game that purrs!”             Lynette Parsons.


"The game that gets your claws out…fantastic."            Lance Thompson

“A friend of mine recently returned from a visit to London where she purchased "Cat Attack".  After many hours of hilarious fun playing this game, I knew I had to get a game of my own!”            Cheryl Suliveras (USA)


“Me, my husband and some friend are really enjoying the game ... we are all cats lovers (I have 2 cats) and this help a bit of course, but I think the game could be enjoyed also by other people as well.”            Laura (Italy)

“We love playing your game: our family of four usually take about three hours to finish it. We all love it.  Brilliant!  As well as which, your correspondent Sally (who invited the local vicar in) might like to know: I am the local vicar.  And yes: we do yell at each other, too.”

Giles (and the Cats of Tunbridge Wells)


"I bought this wonderful game for my grandchildren at Christmas. Adults and children alike enjoyed playing immensely."            Lyn Norris


“I bought Cat Attack as a family game ( 2 children aged 16 and 8) for Christmas and it has been fantastic. It took a week of playing before we sussed all the rules but eight weeks later it's still being played daily and the 16 year old enjoys it as much as the 8 year old.”            Helen McLaren

“I saw this game at the German Game Convention this year and bought it right away. Translating the game plan and the MOG-cards into German was a nice goodie ;) This game doesn't only look like fun, it is FUN! I'm playing it with my 5-year-old daughter and she LOVES it! This game is really A-MUST-HAVE for all mog-lovers. Thank you!”            Claudia


“My son loves playing 'Cat Attack' although he seems to spend most of the game trying to pick fights with other cats ... He's obviously a feral!”            Simon Lowman

"My parents gave us the game at Christmas and every time I bring it out for new friends, they fall for it! It's brilliant and we never tire of it. We had the local vicar round and his whole family ended up yelling across the table at each other...!"           Sally


"My son had one for Xmas and has loved it so much that I want to now give one to my nephew"           Caroline Templer


"The game has been a complete hit with my nephew also."            Caroline Templer

"So cool, this is a fab board game. A mean, wicked cat is the only way to play! The best, coolest, most brilliant board game in the world"!!!!!!    Smeaky


“I was browsing the web, typing in random things, like my name, when my name came up, and it was me, typing in the guestbook on here, 3 years ago! Anyway, I think Cat Attack is a very realistic, witty game, and I love playing it with my mates at sleepovers.             Josephine Humphrey (aged 12)

[“I just love Cat Attack. It's one of the best games I've ever played. I was surprised when my dad said it was his favourite as well, I thought he would think its too childish but, there you go!”            Josephine Humphrey (aged 9)]

“A brilliant board game, so cool and yet mean. Sly against my sisters, I enjoy the game and always win! So fab, I want to play it all the time and never ever loose the game. So absolutely wonderful, a game for all to enjoy!            Marion B


"My daughter played it at a friends house and has put it at the top of her birthday list."              C Daniels

"The best board game ever. I play it with my family, and always enjoy it. I am mean all the time, and, as the game is called cat attack, I always attack. A brilliant board game, the best yet."              Meirion Bignall


"A fantastic game. We play it with the neighbours and therefore play in teams.  We started gently with the basic rules but have since become mean and lean! By far the best board game of the moment. Well done."               Elaine Bramhall.

"Fantastic game, rules a bit complicated to begin with but once we got started it was great fun and a case of dog eat dog (sorry cat eat cat) great fun for a good family evening in. Most enjoyable"             Colin Brewis


“I was lucky enough to be given Cat Attack1 for Christmas.  We have had a great time especially on a Friday night accompanied by a bottle of wine.”           Andrea Kent


"Hi! Fabulous game. My children love it, and so do my wife and I. Can't wait to play the next game, and also, introduce it to my friends."             Mr. Jean Remillard

"...we bought a set to play over Christmas and enjoyed it very much. I like the web site very much - it was excellent to be able to see how the game works before deciding to buy it. We have been disappointed by games in the past when the actual playing didn't match up to the look of the box, but this was not the case with Cat Attack."           Glenis Ridy


"Just played for the first time. The rules look kinda complex to begin with, but it's worth the ten minutes or so it takes to explain them because the game is a lot of fun. We had four players and it was really interesting to see how people took sides, and then stitched up their 'allies'. It’s a great game esp because everyone is in with a shout right up to the end."             Ben S

"Excellent! Brilliantly thought through and great ruthless fun, one game at a time is never enough"            Simon S


 “What a wonderful game "Cat Attack" is!  We may never watch television again!”                        Yvonne Child


“I've had a couple of games with four players and we had a lot of fun. I really like all the different items and colourful layout - it's a really attractive game. And the gameplay works really well: just when you look set to win, someone will raid your larder or you'll run out of lives.”            Phil King


“It has proved to be a big hit with the whole family (which is unusual in itself).”                        Keith Jones


“We played it all over Christmas, in fact we have played it a couple of times a week since then.  We all thought it was brilliant - particularly if you understand cats. The game is definitely better when more 'cats' play as it really does turn into a cat fight - particularly for the mice and birds.”            Helen Allen

‘Groups of adults will really get the very best from this game….Cat Attack has certainly become one of the most popular games in my collection’           Kevin Buchanan. See full review on


“We purchased 'Cat attack' a few months ago and have enjoyed playing it immensely.”            Chris Neville


“Just a short note to say that I really enjoy the game. I got it this Christmas, and have played it three times in two days. It took a little bit of time to run through all the various rules, but now it is second nature. Great stuff!”             Christopher Heppinstall

“Hi there! Like your game.”            Steve Davis


“It beats Monopoly any day of the week!! …good for 2 players as well, difficult to get board games for 2.”            Liz Veash


“…we were actually pleased that it's a bit more involved than it might first appear.”            Eryl & Kevin Pearcey

“Me and my family just love your game, we play it nearly every day. You may think we're mad but we have a piece on the board for our pet cat Bushky, and nine times out of ten she normally wins.”            Julie Knott


“Cat Attack is going down a storm with the children… played it with their father in a frightfully convincing "Victorian Family Christmas" tableau… everybody likes the Curiosity cards. Great shrieks and screams when the car has to be driven right round the board, mowing down everything in its path.  And the children like the opportunity to be spiteful and close the Dairy just as a rival cat is approaching the front door...”            John Walsh


“The adults (all cat lovers) really like it, but the 11-year-old adores it.  Her Mom says she has to play it all the time with her daughter.”             Deborah Fain


“My eldest, Henry (11) was particularly smitten and enthusiastic, rating the game (in his book) as 'nearly as good' or 'as good as Monopoly' (his favourite game). Strong likes included the visual appeal and the fact that the game has so many 'bits' in it.”            Bill Martin


“…my nices absolutely love this game.”            Clarissa Wanke


“One of my customers brought the game to a game night I sponsor.  I liked it.”            Marvin Knighton

"Highly recommended…a great family game that is challenging yet Fun."            Ian Gibbs (Hamleys)


“We finally got around to trying your game at Xmas and it was great.  Had assumed it was a kids game but it is great for adults and kids alike!!”            Secret Shops


“A very popular game from a British Designer with a fun theme.”            Compendia

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