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Here you will find some answers to questions often asked about the rules of Cat attack.


The rules that come in the box should provide you with all the answers you need if read carefully.

We do update these rules to improve clarity from time to time in response to some of the more frequently asked questions.


You can download these rules here along with other versions in different languages.

Q. Where do the birds and mice go when they escape? 


A. Birds are returned to the bird box and mice are returned to the Mouse-hole shed.


Q. Can there be more than one bird or mouse in play?


A. Yes, all the birds and mice on the board can be in play at the same time.


Q. I feel puzzled about what to do when you've got a handful of mice or bird cards but you've already got a mouse and/or a bird in your                 larder and won't therefore benefit from moving any more mice or birds around the board.


A. Move birds and mice away from cats that don’t have any.

A. Use your bird and mice cards to have ‘CAT FIGHTS'. 

A. Attack a cat and give them a card that you don't want and possibly they don't want either.  

A. Move a bird or mouse out of a cat's larder using the ‘6 BIRD OR MOUSE CARDS’ rule.

A. Manoeuvre birds and mice to possibly effect a 'CORNERED CAT'.

A. If all the birds and mice are in larders and you play a bird or mouse card, simply pick up a card from the Mog pile and move nothing.

Q. Can you pick a 'CAT FIGHT' on either phase of your turn?


A. You can only pick a 'CAT FIGHT' as the 'Play a Mog card’ phase of a turn or when instructed by a Curiosity card to ‘Play another Mog          card’.


Q. If the opponent of a 'CAT FIGHT' or a 'CAT ATTACK' is on a Curiosity square, do you take a Curiosity card?


A. If you land on a Curiosity square you pick up a Curiosity card, regardless of how you got there,


Q. Do you get 'CAUGHT TRESPASSING' if another cat is sent home by being attacked etc or do they have to get home under their own steam?


A. If a cat returns to its Home square or garden by any means, any cat in that cat's garden or on it's Home square is ‘CAUGHT                          TRESPASSING'.

Q. What's the difference between a 'CAT FIGHT' and a 'CAT ATTACK'?


A. Announcing a ‘CAT FIGHT’ is the same as playing a 'CAT ATTACK' card. You can do either when no more than 6 squares away from             another cat. However, instead of automatically winning, as with a Cat Attack card, you must follow the ‘CAT FIGHT’ rules.

     See ‘ATTACKING A CAT, BIRD OR MOUSE’ to attack a cat with a cat card or the dice.


Q. The victory conditions state that you have to have the six items and also return to home by movement. How about if you get caught raiding       and get sent home after losing lives?


A. You must return to your Home square with the exact throw of the dice, not by being sent home. If you are sent home to a full larder,         you must leave your home and return to your home square with the correct value dice.

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