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You are a hungry cat

with nine lives.

Can you survive to be the top mog?


It’s time to prove your self. Are you mog or mouse? Fireball or furball?


The game Cat Attack is based on the trials and tribulations of the domestic cat.

The board represents a local neighbourhood of houses and shops.

Each player has a cat that lives in its own house.

Each cat begins the game with nine lives.


A cat must fill its larder with six items of food:

a bird and a mouse, a bowl of milk from the Dairy, a box of vitamins from the Vet, a fishcake from the Fishmonger and a tin of cat food from the Corner Shop and still have at least one life remaining


be the last surviving cat. When a cat loses all their nine lives they are 'retired to the country' and take no further part in the game.

To win

Players are dealt a hand of 6 Mog cards; these provide the means to move the cats, birds and mice (cats also move with the throw of the die). The players can choose to move their cats and the birds and mice, along garden walls, through gardens or along the roads. The roads are a lot quicker and can put you ahead in the game but beware of the car.

Cats can raid other cats larders, attack one another and pick cat fights.

A Curiosity (event) card is picked up when a cat lands on a Curiosity square. These cards dictate, at random, when the shops open and close and the movements of the car. Other Curiosity cards are mostly good news - but you know what curiosity can do to a cat!

The play


Playing times vary considerably as every game is different but as a rule of thumb, once players are familiar with the game, the average four player game shouldn't last much more than an hour. 

The time

If you're a new kitty on the block here are a few tips to get you up to speed. 


The roads are the quickest way of getting around but don't hang out on them for too long in case the car comes by. 


Try heading straight for the shops before they close and not be too distracted by the birds and mice.


You can make it difficult for other cats to catch birds and mice by moving them out of their reach.


You can raid other cat's larders if the shops are closed or to put another cat at a disadvantage.

The best way to get the game cooking is to ‘Attack’ other cats whenever possible or engage in ‘Cat Fights’.

Attacking and winning Cat Fights allows you to see your opponent’s cards and acquiring their tactical assets.

A ‘Cat fight’ turns possibly redundant bird and mouse cards cards into powerful weapons.


Download the rules here

Print out the pdf of the rules and fold the pages in half to create your own booklet.

All the pages are numbered so you can see how it goes together,



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