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A strategy board game

Suitable for two - six players,

aged 8 years and over

Cat Attack, made entirely in the EU, has all the attributes of a classic board game; it looks good, plays well and has a popular subject matter.


There is plenty of interaction between players, whether they are looking for a bit of wholesome family fun or relish the thought of flexing some strategic muscle and releasing a bit of pent up attitude.


Cat Attack really does cater for everyone.


The game was designed as an adult strategy game but it soon became clear that bright 8 year olds could easily get their claws into it. Cat Attack can be tailored to suit even younger players by the removal of certain key cards and rules whilst still maintaining a high level of fun.


Cat attack can also be adapted to create a more intense, strategic experience. All these variations are clearly explained in the rules. 


You are a cat.................. but you’re no pussycat

 You're the, meanest, leanest, roughest, toughest mog on the estate. Life is hard out there on the street and it's the survival of the fittest - or the fattest! The trouble is all the other cats out there think they're pretty hard as well, so you have a choice. You either scratch, bite and claw your way to victory, or you attempt to eat your way to fame. Probably a bit of both.


Cat Attack is a fast moving, classically hilarious, strategy board game for the family and for serious gamers, inspired by the close observation of the domestic cat in it's natural environment. Treachery, theft, cunning and attitude.


You begin with a very empty larder, which is not good. There is food out there somewhere. The shops are nice and handy but it takes just a little ingenuity to liberate those essential cat delicacies without being caught. And then of course, there are also the birds and mice for the taking. Or not. It would be an awful lot easier if they just sat still.

Speed is of the essence so the roads come in very handy but you know what can happen to cats in traffic...

The winner is the first cat that manages to collect all his goodies and make it home alive. Or, if the game takes a bit of a turn, is the last surviving moggy on the board!

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